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TO RvL-ians and peoples.

Today i'll announced that Rex|Onz. is a admin at DiX Steam Server. Counter Strike 1.6 and Counter Strike Condition Zero. So, anywant who want to have some mixmatch/scrim please private message me at kamarul97@gmail.com. So, i hope other from RvL-ians also will pay as admin at DiX Steam Server. It cost only RM30 in Malaysia. In singapore it cost $12.90. For more information please visit www.dix-gaming.com. So, i hope all members from RvL-ians please active <3. Enjoy always with us ! 

 Love Rev|ation Love Frag :)

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Rematch Against Team Dillusion & Members News

We won against Team Dillusion for a rematch clause on September 19 2010. Team Dillusion has come back stronger , better than ever. We , not to say , has also got better and better with each clan match that we are having. Without further ado, let's check out the match stats below! PS: We did not play the 2/3 map as Jonas 'xHaZeR' and member of D|n have problems to settle.



[Team RvL] vs Team D|n

Map: De_dus2

Score: 16-5

Comment: Apart from our last match , our teamwork this time is certainly one of the best , with our firepower getting better , with teamwork to enhance our tatics , we went far to beat Team D|n. Team D|n were good oppenents though they suffer a 16-5 defeat. A rematch for the 2/3 map will be decided soon. Good game to all who participate in this game. See Team D|n next time. GLHF!



 Dear RvL,

To those that wonder why some of our members are less active , the reason is basically , they went to steam for intense training. xHaZeR , Rex|onZ , NEMRAC and others has been training in steam as we prepare to move to steam. We hope that all RvL=ians will get a steam account and steam cs in the year 2011. We will still play in garena occasionally but more on steam. CLAN TRAINING will be STARTING  soon on every Friday Night 7-11pm at Garena Singapore Room 1 , details will be nudge in clan chat on that specific day. Please try to turn up. Any enquiries , you can approach Jonas 'xHaZeR'. For now , goodbye. GLHF.


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Victory Against Team [LOTHAR] & NLEVELS&OLEVELS

 We won against Team [LOTHAR] on 4 September 2010.Although they are tough oppenents , we still gave our very best and remain confident , and hereby announced our victory. It is a fantastic game. PS: We did not play the second map , as lothar are busy and stuffs.


Results are below:

[Team RvL] vs Team [LOTHAR] 

Map: De_dust2

Score: 16-0

Comment: We have superb teamwork and have successfully use our tatics against them. Although they did not get a point , they were still very good and the winning line is very tight and close. We would like to thank all of our great team who took part in this game and also all the other members of lothar. Good Game!

NLevels & OLevels:

Jonas (xHaZeR.) and Muffy (Muffyohmuffy) and some others will be taking the 'N' and 'O's Level test. They will not be as active as before of course. We [Team RvL] hereby wish them the best of luck and hope they get impressive score for their exams. Study Hard THEN Play Hard.

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Training Details & Steam Server Details!

 For your information guys out there , we have all chip in for a steam server! This server is mainly for Mix Match (Scrim) , and it is open to all to join!

Mix Match Server IP:

Server Name: Rev|ation Matching SvR!

We are currently thinking and sorting out things to lead to our second steam server , which will most likely be a public server. It will be coming out soon. So yeah.


Please note there will be intense training coming up at Garena & Steam! Players and members of rvl are hereby remind to come for TRAINING EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT FROM 8-11pm! Attendence is compulsory , unless with good reasons e.g exams , sick. We will be training on our team special tatics , firepower , nade skills and many more! Be sure to turn up!


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 We won against Team DillusioN on 29/8/2010. It was a tough match but enjoyable yet experienced match. We will improve ourself now and in the future. We will have a clan match with Team DillusioN once again on December. By the time ,hope that each and everyone of us would give everybody a shocking improvement! :)

Results are below :

1st Map : De_Dust2
Score : 13-16
Comment : We bad in de_dust2 but we won them :)

2nd Map : De_Inferno
Score : 10-16
Comment : We are seriously using our skills at inferno!

Let us all look forward to this year December's clan match against Team DillusioN VS RvL! Thanks to Team Dillusion for such a interesting and exciting match! Hope you enjoy your clan match!

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Our First Clan Match Against Malaysian Clan

Dear RvL

Our First Clan Match are against Team DillusioN


I will sincerely hope it will be clean match and no fighting over clan we will announce the result of the match when the match is ended. To RvL player who playing in this match please be ready. The Match Is At Sunday 3pm at Garena Malaysia Room 2. All members get ready and stay active on garena. Good Luck to RvL and Team DillusioN.

 Thank you. 

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xHaZeR. & Rex|Onz. 

Update Rev|ation Website.

Any problem please send e-mail to jonas6190@hotmail.com or kamarul97@gmail.com. You all can see chatbox by scrolling down. Thank you. 

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A little short information.

Welcome all visitors or RvL clan web. We kindly appreciate your attention for visiting us. Basically you can explore anything by clicking the links provided in the bar above. You can show us your support by joining us as a member, we sincerely thank you for supporting us. As this is only the homepage , most of our post will be updated under the blog section . For more enquiries please contact xHaZeR. (Garena Ign) for more information on the clan itself.

p.s : We do not wish to make any enemies so if you do not like us or anything, kindly leave this webpage. ty.

 Yours sincerely,

RvL | xAccuracy.

CS Gaming : RvL|Revlation Profile:

RvL is a new name , as we changed our clan name from Puki^ to RvL  ,  due to the meaning of the name . Curious? Ask Jonas6190. Okay back to here , RvL is founded by Jonas6190 in August 2009 , we are currently recruited players to join us , if you are interested go to the 'Clan Members' page for more details. We are searching for a path to bring us to success , and currently on our way of pursuiting our goals , being the best CS Singapore clan in garena in the fastest time!

The Meaning Behind The Music - My Time

This song is chosen for our home page is basically because, we live in the present now , we won't let minor problems affect us and we will move on to get better. AND NOW ITS OUR TIME!